About us


Since 1989 Loukas Erodotou & Sons LTD has been providing products and services to professional end-users in many different fields around Paphos region, Cyprus.

While many other industrial and construction supply businesses have come and gone, our attributes its longevity by excellence in customer service, know how and a willingness to help the end-user solve problems, completing their jobs faster, easier and more cost efficient than the competition.

In other words, we do our job better which helps our customers do their jobs better and more cost effective therefore making more profit.

Our Company works with both large and small companies to solve a multitude different project issues.

With our long history in business and all the relationships created along the way, we have a broad line of products such as hand tools, power tools, extension ladders as well as services from equipment sales and rent to shelving, racks, lockers and other solutions all the way to our own in-house tool repair facility that makes us a “One-Stop-Shop” for your many needs, that may require immediate attention.